Cornford and Cross
Golden Triangle 1997

Three radios tuned to different stations
For Backpacker, curated by Jian Jun Xi and Roman Vasseur
Chiang Mai City, Thailand

We were invited to take part in a group exhibition in Chiang Mai City, Thailand, but were unable to go. Instead, we thought of a work that could be installed on our behalf, by fellow artists David Blarney and Roman Vasseur.

We sent out three similar but different radios, with instructions for them to be installed for the duration of the exhibition on a table in the lounge bar of an international hotel. We specified that the radios should be positioned to make an equilateral triangle, with each one facing inwards. And for one hour every day at 12 noon Greenwich Mean Time (7pm local time), each radio was turned on and tuned in at the same moderate volume to a different station the BBC World Service, Radio Chiang Mai and Smooth 105FM.

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'Golden Triangle' 1997. Photograph by David Blamey and Roman Vasseur