Cornford and Cross
Art School 1999

Summer school in gallery
Proposal for new work uk, curated by Darren Flook
Chisenhale Gallery, London

Art School would have occupied the Chisenhale Gallery, London, for one month to facilitate an explicit and implicit enquiry into notions of the art school.

With contributions from artists, writers and curators, the project would have encouraged participants to bring together rational and intuitive modes of thought, across the widest range of activities. These activities would have been contextualized through presentations, debates, and critiques.

One aim of the proposed project was to establish conditions for productive encounters of social difference, which we hoped would have carried over after class and beyond the event.

As a brief respite from some of the problems that face art education in Britain, Art School would have combined high artistic and intellectual ambition with freedom from assessment criteria, managerialism, audit culture and marketing.